Julien Lagarde, PhD, MD

Visiting Scholar

I am a neurologist specializing in cognitive neurodegenerative diseases, neuroimaging and biomarkers, and a visiting scholar at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center in the RabLab. In addition to a clinical experience in neurodegenerative diseases acquired in the Neurology of memory and language department headed by Prof. Marie Sarazin at Sainte-Anne hospital in Paris, I developed an early interest in clinical research, which led me to obtain a MSc in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience at the Université Paris VI. I then turned to the study of biomarkers and pathophysiological processes of AD and related pathologies, using a multimodal approach combining clinical, biological and imaging methods. In particular, I worked on tau PET imaging during my PhD in neuroscience. My work is part of a collaborative translational approach and aims to improve in vivo diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and find new prognostic markers, as well as developing tools to assess the impact of new treatments with a view to personalized medicine.