Gil featured in a Washington Post about Alzheimer's treatments

Gil is featured on a new Washington post about emerging treatments for Alzheimer's Disease.

The article focuses on the implementation of monoclonal antibodies like Leqembi and potentially donanemab for treating Alzheimer's Disease. Both drugs seem to show more convincing results than aduhelm.

Leqembi will need amyloid PET for drug eligibility, and MRI follow ups to keep track of side effects. Blood tests are in the horizon but not yet ready for implementation.

Gil highlights the need to focus on a safety first approach. He suggests screening for ApoE4 carriers as the medication could pose a higher risk for people with two copies of the APOE4 gene. Other factors to keep an eye on are co-pathologies or medications like blood thinners. Additionally, it is still unkown how the drug works on minorities like African Americans and Latinos. Presumably, further research will be needed to asses Medicare coverage.

Excting times ahead in the era of Alzheimer's Disease tretaments!